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Is it tofu brain or tofu flower? Sweet or salty?

Tofu flower is a traditional snack suitable for all ages. Sweet in the south is called bean flower, salty in the north is called tofu brain.
Its main material is soybean, rich in protein, high nutritional value, so it is very popular! I wonder if you like salty or sweet?
Unlike the traditional gypsum powder tofu flower, this issue teaches you to make a super simple and healthy tofu flower. Tofu flower made of lactone can reduce protein loss and retain more nutrients.
Bean flower production
(About 10 servings are recommended for ready-to-eat)
Dry soybean 150g
Water 1.5L
Lactone 3G
1. Soybean foam overnight, rinse.
2. Pour soybeans and water into a mixer and whip into soymilk.
3. Use filter cloth to filter out soybean dregs.
4. Pour the soymilk into the pot, heat it over medium heat, and stir the bottom to check if there is any paste.
5. During the heating of soybean milk, stir the lactone into 10 ml of water.
6. Turn off the heat after the soybean milk boils. When the soybean milk cools down to 80-90 degrees, add lactone water and stir for two or three times.
7. Cover and other 7 minutes of static forming.
8. Spoon out the tofu flowers, according to personal preferences, put in your favorite sauce can open to eat!